* The exchange and return policy for manufacture defects has been updated by the manufacturer, Tomy Co. Ltd. (Takara Tomy).


Q: Can I exchange my doll if the brown outer carton is dented or damaged?
A: No, the outer brown cardboard carton is to protect the doll package is are not part of the doll and not included in the criteria for exchange.


Q: Can I exchange my doll if the clear window on the package has scratches?
A: No, the window on the doll package may get scratched when it is put into the carton. This is normal.


Q: Can I exchange my doll if there is damage to the hair?
A: The following claims are not eligible for exchange:
1.  Hair length and strength of curl may differ from the Final Product photo posted on the website.
2.  Synthetic hair material (saran) may be oily.  Because of the coloring and material itself, this is normal.
3.  Because of the way that the doll is fastened to the package, there may be temporary distortion of the hair.  Use your fingers to fluff and loosen, not a hair brush.
4.  Hair may look uneven when pinned in the package, but this is not a defect.
5.  Hair volume between styles of dolls may differ, but the amount of hair for each doll of the same name is determined by weight and is the same.
6. Depending on hair style, especially a Blythe with a center-part hair style, it might look like there is a balding spot in the middle, but that is because the hair is pulled back and a slight amount of scalp will show as hair cannot be wefted to the very edge.  When you remove your doll from the package and fluff her hair, this will not be seen.  The spacing between each row of hair is about 5- 7 mm.
7. Some hair may appear to fall out once unboxed but that is because extra, unwefted hair may be mixed in.


Q: What if there are small scratches around the screw in the back faceplate?
A: There may be scratches in the plastic around the screw in the back faceplate because each doll is assembled by hand.  This is normal.


Q: What if there is a unevenness in the make up of the doll?
A:  Make-up may differ from doll-to-doll and left and right eyes or in the cheek blush.  Blythe’s makeup is applied by hand, so there will be some variation.  Variations in tone or coverage of makeup is not eligible for exchange.


Q: My Blythe eye holes are not symmetrical or completely smooth.
1. The Blythe eye holes are not perfectly symmetrical nor perfectly oval.  The edges of the eye hole may be slightly rough.  The eye holes have been hand-sculpted from the original Blythe sculpt.  This was a handmade mold, and the eyes were not perfectly round.  This is standard for all Blythe face types.
2. Under the eyehole, there’s a vertical line that may be seen with dolls with transparent skin.  This is normal.


Q: Why does my doll have holes in the legs?
A: There are two holes in each leg, one by the ankle and the other behind the knee.  All Blythe dolls have these holes and always have, this is normal.


Q: Why does my doll have lines one the arms and legs?
A:  These lines are from the molding process when the doll was made.  This is a normal feature of construction of the arms and legs.


Q: Why does the pattern on the clothing of my doll differ from the product image?
A:  Placement of the fabric print for the clothes may differ from the photo of the final product because the garments are cut from rolls of printed fabrics.  The point where the garments are cut affects the placement of the pattern, which results in slight variations.  This is normal.


Q: Why did the lens come out of the sunglasses?
A:  The frame and lens of glasses and sunglasses are made separately.  If the lens should come out of the frames, please push the lens back into the frame.  They are made to be detachable.


Q:  Why does my “Fairest” mold Blythe’s eyelashes look different?
A:   Eyelashes of dolls with the “Fairest” face mild may look non-symmetrical but that is because of the difference between the “Fairest” face molds and the other face molds.  It is normal for the eyelashes on the fairest mold to look slightly different.


Q:  Why are my doll’s hips loose?
A:  The hip joint for Blythe dolls are loose. They are not meant to be held by the legs as Blythe’s head is heavy which causes her to bend.  You can hold the doll by the waist or head.  She is best to be displayed with a doll stand.


Q:  Why is there a line in the white of my Blythe doll’s eye?
A:  The horizontal line on the white of the eye is from the forming of the eye in the mold.  It is normal.


Q:  Why is the scalp and face plate two different colors?
A: There is a slight color difference between the face and the scalp because they use two different materials.  The scalp is a rubber and the face is hard plastic.  A discrepancy in color is normal.


Q:  Why is the edge of the color eye chip rough?
A:  Eye chips may be a bit rough on the edges, this is due to the molding process. This has always been the case.


Q: What are the lines around the outside of the accessories, shoes, ect?
A: All plastic parts of the doll and accessories may have some rough edges or a visible line.  This is because of the molding manufacturing process and has always been this way.


Q: Why does my Blythe’s head turn all the way around?
A:  The head, arms, and waist are able to be turned 360 degrees.  This is normal.


Q:  Why is there slight unevenness on the hem of the clothing?
A: Stitching of the hems on the clothes may cause puckering.  Please use you fingers to smooth flat.  The spacing of stitching may vary from doll to doll as the dresses are sewn by hand.


Q: Why can I see the eye inside of the face mold?
A:  From certain angles, the eye mechanism can be seen through the eye holes.  This has always been the case.


*There will be no refunds for Blythe dolls, only exchanges.