New Colors Coming for Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wig This Summer 2019!

Three new tropical colors are coming to the wig lineup! 

Blue Lagoon will be the first ever soft-wave long wig using a three color mix. Precious Coral and Sandy Beach are also great looks to sport at the sea-side.


The Original Super Deluxe Wig fits on a Blythe’s head exactly, with no lumps or misshaped spots when applied. Simply gather her rooted hair in the wig cap first.


Style the wigs by using a hair iron set at 100~130℃ and applying to the fibers in the preferred style for 10~15 seconds. The high quality fibers used in the wig is tough and will tangle less than your average wig, but make sure not to expose it to prolonged heat when styling!


*Please refer to the instructions when using the wig.

*Over combing or strongly combing the wig may cause it to lose it’s perm.

*Straight style wigs may come with slight kinks. To fix, spray the hair with water and dry with a dryer will combing it down.


Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wig

Types: Straight Long/Sandy Beach, Curly Long/Precious Coral, Soft-wave Long/Blue Lagoon

Material: 100% Polyester

Made in Japan


Price: 6,800 JPY

Available June 15th, 2019 (Sat) *Available first at all Junie Moon stores.