Blythe Acrylic Hanger Rack now here to complete your closet!

New Items “Blythe Acrylic Hanger Set”, “Blythe Acrylic Torso Set” and “Blythe Acrylic Hanger Rack” 

The hanger set, torso set, and hanger rack are now available to store Blythe’s clothing in a cute and organized way. 


This hanger rack is perfect for storing dresses and coats. The design features a transparent pink body with flower motifs all over it.  You can use the bottom plate of the rack to display shoes, bags and other small accessories.

Make your own capsule wardrobe for Blythe!

* Hangers sold separately.
Please be sure to remove all of the protective plastic sheets from the surface of the acrylic before use.
Take care when taking the parts out of the frame.

How to assemble:
Remove all protective sheets from the surface of the parts before assembling. 
1. Place the left and right side panels with floral print side facing outward, fit the back panel and push into place.
2. Insert the bottom plate in the the side plate from behind.
3. Insert the light pink upper support from behind. Insert the dark pink plate pole into the side panel at the top and you are done!

Blythe Acrylic Hanger Rack
Size: H 20 x W 18.5  x D 5.8 cm
Material: Acrylic
Made in China

Release Date: December 11, 2021
Price: 3,960 JPY