From the Junie Moon YouTube channel, Blythe Christmas Bows Hair Styling Tutorial: Perfect for Christmas parties ♡ “Side Ribbon Hair Arrangement” is announced!

unie Moon YouTube channel announces the introduction of Junie Moon Presents Spring Mum outfit!

A gorgeous party style with a lovely hair arrangement ♡

It's a simple arrangement that you just tie with braids and hair ties.

It is recommended not only for beginners but also for enjoying arrangements with children ♪


The ribbon is created on the side so you can enjoy hats and hair accessories together.

We recommend the Santa hat and cape sold in the DIY kit!

There is no doubt that the party will be even more exciting with this item ♪


This time I tried to match it with the long dress that is also on sale in the DIY kit

It's a dress with a clean silhouette, so it's a little mature atmosphere ♡


Dear Darling fashion for dolls "DIY kit" can also be purchased at the online shop!

In addition to the Santa hat & cape and long dress introduced this time, we have many DIY items available.

Please check it out ♪