The future star producer of many romantic dramas! Neo Blythe Les Jeunette’s final specifications are here!

It's hard to create a movie, but I have a lot of confidence in my film that’s being aired this cultural festival.
With laughs, tears, and edge of your seat drama, come see my movie, “Jeunette Club”!

Les Jeunette wears some very unique accessories arranged to make up her producer look.
Her coordination consists of a pin tucked pink blouse with round cuffs and puffed sleeves, and an ink blue jumper skirt with one way pleats decorated with white dots. Her slightly over sized beret covers her head completely, and is paneled in six parts with five different colors of cloth. Her glasses are a unique new model!
The large round frames really compliment the look, which is completed with white tights and black lace up booties.

Her hairstyle is a slightly permed long with bangs, and her hair color is brown with an orange tinge.
Her eyeshadow is green, cheeks pink, and her lips are a subtle pink.
Her right looking eye chip is a special color.
Her face type is Radiance+ and her face color is fair.


Face type: Radiance+
Skin type: Fair (natural skin)
Make up: Eyeshadow: green, Lip: pink, Cheeks: pink
Eye color: Blue (front), Light blue (right, special color), Pink (front), Green (left)
Hair color: Brown with an orange hue
Eye lashes: Default
Earrings: n/a
Manicure: n/a
Set includes: Doll, blouse, jumper skirt, beret, glasses, tights, shoes, shorts, stand

Release Date: May 22, 1025
Price: ¥14,900

Image photo doll hair is arranged. Mini book is not included.