Relax with a hot cup of tea with your favorite mug! New mug designs are here!

How about some darjeeling brewed in milk, or some slightly sweet cocoa?
Why not start your day with some aromatic black coffee, some healthy herb tea, or even some green tea or miso soup for lunch?
These cups are great for any occasion!

Bianca Pearl and Dauphine Dream satisfy your need for an elegant afternoon, while Alice Alice and Junie Moonie Sweetie are there to liven up your morning, and Fashionista Molly & Nelly cover your all day needs with their red and green color patterns.
These cute cups are great for presents as well!

Blythe Mug Cup
All 6 Types/Bianca Pearl, Dauphine Dream, Alice Alice, JunieMooniue Sweetie, Fashionista Molly & Nelliey Dot Red, Fashionista Molly & Nelliey Dot Green
Size:Diameter 83mm × height 84mm
Capacity: up to 230cc
Maide in JAPAN

Release date:  8 Aug 2015