Fun and useful, heres comes a new line of Blythe Tote Bags!

Easy to use and stylish to boot, these new tote bags designs feature illustrations of Blythe!
From groceries to everyday necessities, to paperwork or class materials, even gifts bought on vacation!
These totes will fit anything with its 40x40cm and 12cm wide.
The simple and elegant Blythe graphics are beautifully printed with one delightful color, making it easy to pair with any kind of
clothing. Useful in any situation, cute, and a bargain!
The designs are Junie Moonie Cutie, Cadence Majoret, and Curly Blue Babe enjoying the Parisian cityscape in "Paris Promenade".

BlytheTote Bag
All three types: Junie Moonie Cutie, Cadence Majoret, Paris Promenade
Size: W400xH400xD120mm Length of the handle: 470mm
Material: 100% Cotton
Made in Japan

Available: August 9th 2015
Recommended Price: ¥1,800