Jeffrey Fulvimari X Million Carats Collaboration products are on their way!

 This sleeveless dress is made with a print designed textile with a black base.
The illustration is visible through the layered tulle material. Looks great with a cardigan and in semi-formal events.

Jeffrey Fulvimari Dress (We Need Each Other)
Two types: Black
Size: free
Polyester 100% 
Made in Japan

Price: ¥24,000 + Taxes


Soft and comfy and pop all at the same time, this cardigan is embroidered with Jeffrey's fun illustrations.
The crew neck is decorated with a pearl button, giving it a womanly feel.
The basic cardigan goes great with either a skirt or pants, and is perfect for the coming fall all the way to next spring. 

Jeffrey Fulvimari Embroidered Cardigan (Circles)
Two types: Off white, Black
Size: free
Rayon 50% Nylon 50% 
Made in China

Price: ¥11,000 + Taxes

This t-shirt is accented with small ribbons and bijou's.
The two designs are Butterfly, which features a charming young girl in a red ribbon surrounded by spots, and Profile, with a Million Carats-like elegant gentlewoman sporting bijou piercings and a velour glove.

JeffreyFulvimari Tshirt
Two types: Butterfly, Profile
Size: free
Polyester 65%, Rayon 35%
Made in Korea

Price: ¥8,300 + Taxes


Jeffrey Fulvimari X Million Carats Collaboration products are on their way! This is an announcement for the skirt and tshirt!

These fashionable tshirts have Jeffrey's gorgeous illustration printed large and prominently, and this two layer tulle skirt is full of volume! The illustration peeking through the softly transparent tulle is beautiful. You can arrange your look to be elegant or cool depending on the top, which is a lot of fun!

Jeffrey Fulvimari Skirt (We Need Each Other)
One type: Black
Size: free
Polyester 100%  
Made in China

Price: ¥18,500 + Taxes