Enjoy the natural beauty of winter! Neo Blythe Winterish Allure illustration announcement!

There is beauty in every season.
From the fall to winter, the sky becomes clearer, and the stove becomes more welcoming. Look, if you face north, the
mountains start to shine from the reflection of the stars...

It's the perfect time of the year to enjoy nature! Winterish Allure uses calm colors, and a babushka that covers the entire head.
The textiles used have a warmth to them, from the flower patterned fabric and the cotton, wool, fur, and knit materials.
The soft looking sleeves and puffy long-skirt dress compliment the embroidery accented top.
On top of her head is her favorite babushka and on her feet are a pair of tights and some strap shoes.

Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is natural.
Her hair color is ash blonde, and her hair style is a center parted long with a slight perm.
Her make up consists of olive green eye shadow, and a reddish pink blush and lips.

Her special eye colors are dark blue (front), and light gray (left).

The illustration is a concept, and does not represent the final product.

Available: December 2015
Retail price: ¥18,500 (without taxes)