Turn into a Yamato Nadeshiko by dressing yourself in authentic Japanese clothing!

 There's a lot to do this coming New Year; you have to visit the shrines, eat traditional New Years meals like osechi and mochi, and play hanetsuki and karuta.
So much fun!
Spend this end of the year Japanese style with Blythe!

Junie Moon Dollywear uses only authentic materials to create their carefully designed and accurate classical kimonos.

The flowery fabric on the surface plays well with the flat colored inner fabric, which also uses real chirimen cloth.
The golden obi and obi tie, along with the accessories are all delicately considered. This years fun detail is the large bell on the ribbon!

The sweet ringing is really cute!

Junie Moon Dolly Wear "Kimono Hime"
All two colors / Red, Black
22cm Doll Size (Neo Blythe)  
*Set does not include doll or shoes.
Packaging: Card paper, Plastic bag

Release date : December 5, 2015  
Price: 7,980

Junie Moon Online Shop International https://www.juniemoonshop.com/