A gentle Blythe with a mastery of tea, Neo Blythe Lady Camellia illustrations are here!

I was just leaving to go to tea ceremony practice.
The stillness, the centering of oneself is truly enjoyable.
Tsubaki flowers, beautifully arranged in an elegant flower pot, along with hand-made ceramic tea bowls.
It's almost as if during this moment, time stops.
Happiness fills my heart during the tea ceremony.

With a Japonesque flair, Lady Camillia is here!
Wearing a traditional kimono with added shine, this modern take gives this Blythe a stylish look never before seen.
The obi is checkered and tied in a bow, lace attached to the collar, and the pink under layer is decorated to the T with a stripe along the waist and lace lining along the sleeve.

Her accessories include a ribbon with flower decorations, gingham check socks, and wooden sandals with a classy red strap.

Her hairstyle is straight and long with bangs, colored a unique dark, brownish purple mix. Her eyeshadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are pink. Her front facing eye chips include a special light blue color. Her face type is radiance+, and her face color is cream.

*The illustration is a design concept and is subject to change.

Release Date: April 2016.
Price: ¥19,800