Jeffrey Fulvimari 2017 Schedule Book

Jeffrey’s artistic sense grows cuter every day!

Every year, we receive new illustrations from Jeffrey’s New York studio.
The 2017 Schedule book cover, titled “We Need Each Other”, features 6 adorable girls.
 The clear cover has card pockets and a pen holder attached.
The inside pages have a simply designed block monthly calendar, mini calendar, memo section, address book, subway map, and note taking sections.

Jeffrey Fulvimari 2017 Schedule Book
1 Type
Size: 212mm x 152mm (A5 Size)
112 Pages
from September 2016 ~ December 2017
Soft cover (Card pocket and pen holder attached), block monthly calendar, mini yearly planner, monthly scheduler, memo, address, subway map, personal notes
Made in China

Release: Sept. 10th 2016 (Sat)
Price: ¥1,500 + tax