Jeffrey Fulvimari 2017 Schedule Book
JF マスキングテープ170×200

Jeffrey’s artistic sense grows cuter every day!

Every year, we receive new illustrations from Jeffrey’s New York studio.
The 2017 Schedule book cover, titled “We Need Each Other”, features 6 adorable girls.
 The clear cover has card pockets and a pen holder attached.
The inside pages have a simply designed block monthly calendar, mini calendar, memo section, address book, subway map, and note taking sections.

Jeffrey Fulvimari 2017 Schedule Book
1 Type
Size: 212mm x 152mm (A5 Size)
112 Pages
from September 2016 ~ December 2017
Soft cover (Card pocket and pen holder attached), block monthly calendar, mini yearly planner, monthly scheduler, memo, address, subway map, personal notes
Made in China

Release: Sept. 10th 2016 (Sat)
Price: ¥1,500 + tax