Jeffrey Fulvimari Reusable Bottle

Carry your favorite beverage around with this fancy Jeffrey bottle!

Bring around any drink or snack with you on the road.
Perfect for storing coffee beans or even preserves for later!
Both hot and cold drinks can be poured in with no problem.
This light yet durable bottle fits up to 500ml, and the wide mouth with the drink guard makes sipping easy.

The two designs are OXO and Garden, both printed on the surface of the clear bottle.

Jeffrey Fulvimari Reusable Bottle
2 Types: OXO, Garden
Size: 205mm x 65mm x 65mm
Heat resistance: 100℃ (Bottle), 110℃ (Lid), 160℃ (Splash Guard)
Cold resistance: -40℃ (Bottle, lid, splash guard)
Material: Polyester (bottle), Polypropylene (lid, splash guard)

Release: Sept. 10th 2016 (Sat)
Price: ¥1,800 + tax