Jeffrey Fulvimari Short Sleeve Shirts

Casual, comfortable, and fashionable, these shirts are perfect for any occasion.
The material is a soft cotton that fits snugly to the body.
The four designs are printed on two base shirt colors.

In “OXO”, four girls mouth the titular word while a flurry of rainbows cover the sky, a slew of fashion items litter the shirt in “Fashion Time”, a model girl looks on in “Fashion Time Girl”, and a cat proclaims royalty in “Cosplay Cat”!

These shirts work in any situation, as part of a simple outfit or in a more unique combination. Wearing a jacket over the shirt in the fall is also a great look!

Jeffrey Fulvimari Short Sleeve Shirts
8 Types: OXO, Fashion Time, Fashion Time Girl, Cosplay Cat (all with a black or white base)
Size: Free (Length 64cm, Width 45cm, Shoulder length 38cm, Sleeve length 16cm)
Material: 38% Cotton, 38% Polyester, 24% Rayon
Made in China, Japan

Release: Sept. 10th 2016 (Sat)
Price: ¥4,800 + tax