Celebrate your days with someone special! Hasbro exclusive Neo Blythe Stella Serendipitous is nearly here!

I'm here to celebrate my good friends 15 year anniversary of her career!
Let's dance the night through with caviar and champagne in hand, and have as much fun as possible!

Stella Serendipitous is Allegra Champagne's best friend.
She came to the party dressed to her nines, in red, black, gold and silver.
Her long dress becomes increases in volume at the skirt, the red lace at the top is detailed with gold, and her skirt has many black roses printed along the long train.
Her accessories are a tiara, a choker made of cut beads, and heart ear rings. Her ribbon party bag and shawl and her high heals give her a very elegant, mature look.
Take the black rose over skirt off and put on the katyusha head band to give her a more semi formal look!

Her facetype is Radiance+, and her face color is a translucent cream.
Her haircolor is a silver gray, and her hair style is a center parted long.
Her eyeshadow is purple, and there is a slight lining added to the edges of her lips, a soft rose pink, and her cheeks are pink.
Her eyelids are purple, and her eyelashes are a special black color.
Look forward to the final specs coming soon!

*The illustration is a concept and does not represent the final product.

Release date: November 2016
Price: ¥25,000 + tax

*This product will be distributed by Hasbro, the license owner of Blythe, throughout the Asiatic regions.
The Junie Moon store (including the web store) has been given exclusive rights to sell this product in Japan.
*This product is a import and thus will be sold at the base price of ¥25,500. Please be advised.
*We will elaborate on how we will sell this product at Junie Moon at a later time.
Please refrain from contacting us.