To start off the new year, Blythe will be collaborating with ANNA SUI to bring to you: CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe Blythe Adores ANNA!

Blythe and ANNA SUI, a match made in heaven!
ANNA SUI is an outlier even in the fashion world, with collections that really stir your imagination.
Retaining vintage looks while incorporating new and hip ideas, ANNA continues to create lively works that fans all over the world love to wear.
Blythe is of course one of them too! Lets share the beauty and imagination of ANNA SUI to all!



Anna Sui is a favorite designer every where around the globe.
From New York to Tokyo she inspires style and glamour in the cutest way possible.
When Blythe wears Anna, she wears confidence and charm in a universal setting.
Thank you Anna! We love you.



Blythe's name wrapped in ANNA SUI is "Blythe Adores ANNA". Her fashions truly brought out a new facet of Blythe's beauty!


The main palette is a chic purple, black and beige.
Her dress is a vintage feeling combination of a lace blouse and a flower print, box pleated skirt.
Her accessories are a beret with a rose motif, a quite hard looking pair of sunglasses with an elegant butterfly print on the arms, a pair of butterfly ear rings, a fur shoulder bag, and laced long boots, all expressing an ANNA SUI style look with each item!


Her face type is Radience+ and her face color is Fair (natural).
Her eyes are light blue, gray, purple, and light green (special). A new deep mauve color (a brownish dark purple) will be used for her hair, which is styled with a slight perm.
Her eyeshadow is also specially designed, with light brown at the top and a pinkish orange on the edges.
Her dark black eye lashes and brown eye lids really compliment each other!
Her cheeks are salmon pink, and her lips are beige with a slight hint of pink.
 Her make up really bring together that charming ANNA SUI look! Her pull ring is replaced with the ANNA SUI logo, with the Blythe logo placed inside the butterfly mark.


Stay tuned for the final announcement!


*The illustration is a concept and is subject to change.


Release Date:January 2017
Retail price: :¥29,300