New Goods “Frill Tote Bag” and “Fluffy Pouch” are the latest Blythe collectibles!

Blythe loves fashionable and cute things!
Everyone enjoys fine designed goods in their life.
The reversible type tote bag and cute pouch embraces the fluffy accessories for Blythe!
Please check out these cute and useful items!


The latest bag is soft with fresh stripes and cute frills.
The lining inside is covered in fun Blythe photographs!
The bag is reversible with stripes and frills on the outside and satin Blythe print photos on the inside.
This design is useful for multiple styles in the day.
“Blythe Frill Tote Bag”
Style: Blythe World
Size: 33x x 30 cm, strap 47.5 cm
Material: Outer- 100% Polyester, Inner Lining- 100% Polyester
Specifications: Reversible design, inner pocket
Made in China
Release Date: September 16, 2017
Price: 3,800 JPY




BLフラッフィーポーチOur newest pouch design is fluffy and whimsical!
This will become one of your favorite accessories and will bring lots of attention to you.
This is perfect for storing things you need to handle gently.
The zipper has a soft tulle in accent color.
This is perfect for gifts a well!

“Blythe Fluffy Pouch”
Three Styles: Fluffy Alice, Fluffy Rabbit, Euphoria A Go-Go
Size: 22 cm x 12 cm
Material: Outer- 100% Cotton, Backing- 100% Polyester, Lining- 100% Polyester
Made in China

Release Date: September 16, 2017
Price: 2,500 JPY