New Designs on the Horizon! Jeffrey Fulvimari Reusable Bottles!

"Re-Use" bottles are compatible with both cold and hot drinks, and with its compact 100g size it's perfect for taking everywhere! A win-win ecological solution for everyone!

The clear exterior is also great for storing ingredients or food. Pack your breakfast in these and know exactly what it is before you open it!
Thanks to Rivers Co., Ltd. who designed this bottle, the wide mouth makes putting anything in and cleaning easy, while the equipped splash guard prevents over pouring or spilling.
Designs are Beauty Land and Zig Zag.

Jeffrey Fulvimari Re-Use Bottle
2 Types: Beauty Land, Zig Zag
Size: H20.5cm x W6.5cm x D6.5cm
Heatproof until: 100℃ (Bottle), 110℃ (Cap), 160℃ (Splash Guard)
Coldproof until: -40℃ (Bottle)
Material: Polyester (Bottle), Polypropelyne (Cap, splash guard)
Made in China

Available: February 24th, 2018 (Sat)
Price: 1,800 JPY + Tax