New Designs on the Horizon! Jeffrey Fulvimari Clasp Pouches!

These easy to use, beautifully decorated coin pouches are perfect for all of your every day carry needs! The wide mouth comes with a strap loop that can be used to put on chords or chains that can enhance the look or usability of the pouch!

The new designs are "Beauty Land" and "Zig Zag", both super chic deconstructions of Jeffrey's style!

Jeffrey Fulvimari Clasp Pouch M-Size
2 Types: Beauty Land, Zig Zag
Size: H12cm x W12cm x D6cm
Material: 100% Cotton, Mouth: Nickle, Clasp Toggle: Acrylic
Made in Japan

Available: February 24th, 2018 (Sat) *Available first at all CWC Affiliated stores.
Price: 2,000 JPY + Tax