From Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wig, New colors for the Curly Long Style! Sherbet Strawberry Milk, Sherbet Vanilla, and Sherbet Berry Mix!

These long curly locks will change any look into a refreshing and cute fit.
Strawberry Milk is a lovely gradated mix of pink and white, Vanilla combines white and white gold to create a cool and sweet look, and Berry Mix is an energetic combination of purple and pink! These looks are bound to be a hit this summer.

These wigs are made with the Blythe head in mind, so attaching them will be a breeze.

Comb together the original hair in the included cap before applying the wig.
Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wigs can be arranged in any way by using heat.
Set a hair iron around 100~130 Degrees and hold it against the hair in the preferred style for 10-15 seconds. This will cause the wig to memorize the style!
Make sure not to apply too much heat for too long, and have fun!

*Please take a look at the user instructions before use.
*Be advised that the initial styling may be undone by over combing.

Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wig
Types: Curly Long/ Sherbet Strawberry Milk, Sherbet Vanilla, and Sherbet Berry Mix
Material: 100% Polyester
Made in Japan

Price: 6,800JPY
Available: 2018 August 11th (Sat) *Available first at all CWC affiliated stores.


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