Blythe Lovely Interior Paper Crafts
Create, dress, and photograph your own set with Blythe Lovely Interior!
Make the perfect shot with these handy and easy to make interiorpapercraft. 
The first set includes a Lounge Sofa, wardrobe, vanity and stool, chest and floor lamp.
 Each piece of furniture is perforated to make assembling them easy!
Blythe Lovely Interior
Types: Lounge Sofa, Wardrobe, Vanity and Stool, Chest and Floor Lamp
Size when constructed:
Lounge Sofa: H 13.1×W 21.2×D 8.4cm
Wardrobe: H 20.3×W 10.3×D 6cm
Vanity: H 19.8×W 10.9×D 6cm, Stool: H 8.6×W 10.9×D 6cm
Chest: H 8.6×W 10.9×D 6cm, Floor lamp: H 13.6×W 7.5×D 7.5cm
Kit size: H 330×W245cm
Packaged in a plastic bag
Made in Japan
Available March 23rd, 2019 (Sat)
Price: ¥850
*Does not include Blythe or accessories.
Illustrations on the furniture by Hanashima Yuri!