Lets go to the beach resort! Neo Blythe Fani Flamingo is coming!

I'm on vacation at last!
I'm going to forget all about work and just relax in the sun and float in the huge hotel pool with a tall glass of tropical deliciousness.
Later I'm going to take a hot bath and get dressed up for an early supper and sit by the shore in time to take in the beautiful sunset.
Anybody want to join me?

Fani Flamingo loves to wear her flamingo themed two-piece bathing suit. The bathing suit is decorated with stripes, lace-up ribbon, and frills.
If you're at the pool, why not relax on the flamingo printed float. Afterward, get dressed in the flamingo dress, featuring an off-shoulder shearling with an A-line silhouette. Accessories include a large brimmed hat and sunglasses, with an open heart earring and a pair of strap shoes.

Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is fair.
Her long blonde hair is parted to the side.
Her make up includes brown eye shadow, and pink cheeks and lips.
One of the right facing eye chips is a special blue-green color.

*Illustration is a proof of concept and does not represent the final product.

Available June 2019
Price: 17,900 JPY