New Designs for Blythe Multifunction Pen

Choose between 3 different pen colors and a standard mechanical pencil with this Multifunction Pen, now with brand new designs!

Perfect for organizing your thoughts, taking notes, or even just doodling, these pens will always come in handy. 

The new designs will feature the ocean blue Mermaid Tasha, the pink bisque doll Clearly Claire, and the steam gray Sherry Victorian.


Blythe Multifunction Pen

Types: Mermaid Tasha, Clearly Claire, Sherry Victorian

Size: H13.5cm x Circumference 1.2cm

Material: Poly-carbonate

Pen ink: Oil pen (ink color: black, red, blue 0.8mm) + mechanical pencil (lead size: 0.5mm)
Made in Japan


Price: 680JPY + tax

Available May 11th, 2019 (Sat)