Middle Blythe “Odile – Magical Trickery and Love” illustration

Odile is the antagonist who strives to be someone who she truly admires. 
It is only a magical trick that makes her think she isn’t her true self, but she will be saved through magical love.

“Odile - Magical Trickery and Love” comes with a set of two coordinating dresses, one is a ballet costume and the second is a gown with the black swan motif. 

Her formal dress has a black swan floating on the lake lit bu the setting sun.  There is added volume to the skirt with a pannier.

Her ballet costume is a cute with gold and rhinestones as accents. The look is completed with ballet theme accessories like a black tiara and lace-up ballet shoes. 

The face color is cream.
The hairstyle is long with a loose perm and center part.
The hair color is pinkish brown.
Eyeshadow is brow, cheeks and lips are pink.
The eye color is set to light brown.

* This is a design image, final product is subject to change.

Release Date: May 2020
Price: 14,500 JPY