On June 23, Boutique Co. will be releasing a new outfit book titled “Blythe Style: Dress-up Sewing Book”, coming soon!

"Blythe Style: Dress-up Sewing Book" is a book of handmade clothes and
accessories for Blythe. It contains four themes, such as a week-long
coordination collection, a dress collection, seasonal clothes, and
handcrafted accessories and items.
It also includes step-by-step instructions on how to make a
frill-hemmed dress and ribbon headband, featuring a total of 64 items
of clothing with full-size pattern sheets with sewing allowance.

Enjoy the process of creating the outfits, the accessories, and styling Blythe!

Blythe Style Dress-up Sewing Book (Lady Boutique Series)
Size: 260mm x 210mm (AB size)
Appendix: Includes patterned stitching paper
Number of pages: 108 pages (including the cover)
Price: 1,500 yen + tax
Publisher: CWC Publishing Cross World Connections, Inc. Publisher: Junko Wong.
Published and sold by: Boutique Co.
Issue date: June 23, 2020
ISBN-10: 4834780015
ISBN-13: 978-4834780017

CWC affiliated stores will start selling them on Saturday, June 27