Junie Moon Store lottery for our 2021 HAPPY BAGS

The year 2020 draws to a close and a new year is around the corner!
We are pleased to announce our annual HAPPY BAG sale. 

This year’s Blythe HAPPY BAG is 50,000 JPY and each of our stores will have a limited number of them. Our physical Junie Moon stores in Daikanyama, Horie and Shinjuku will have a lottery to win the chance to purchase a bag at the end of 2020.

The Junie Moon online stores (Junie Moon Online Shop Japan and Junie Moon International Online Shopping) will sell their stock of HAPPY BAGS by lottery at the beginning of 2021, after the New Years holiday.

Read on for the doll line up at a glance for the the details you need to know!

There are 12 items in each HAPPY BAG including one of Neo Blythe dolls shown in the image below and a curated selection of Blythe licensed goods.  The total value of each HAPPY BAG will be 62,000 JPY. Try your luck with our lucky bags to possibly purchase one of the sold out an rare dolls!

Please note:
* HAPPY BAGS do not include all of the dolls in the image below.
* The dolls that come in the HAPPY BAGS are older models and may not be covered in the exchange and returns program. 
* Please note the contents of the HAPPY BAGS are non-returnable, non-refundable, and not available to exchange.
* All HAPPY BAGS are blind boxes. There is no way to tell what dolls or goods you get until you purchase the bag.
* We will not be able to take reservations on the dolls a customer wants. 

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