CWC Ex. Neo Blythe “Hello Again Junie Moonie Cutie” illustration announced!
We are delighted to announce that Junie Moonie Cutie, the popular cover girl for the Junie Moon shop, is back in a new way. 
In response to the many requests from her fans, she returns to the limelight in a new color way. 
Her updated name is “Hello Again Junie Moonie Cutie”. 
She’s fresh new girl with blue fashion point clothing!

“Hello Junie! You are always so cute and kind. 
You are a special person who brings happiness to many people.
We look forward to playing with you again!
I will always cherish you for connecting my heart and mind.”

The fashion of “hello again Junie Moonie Cutie” is a sweet pink and blue color coordination.
The dress has light blue and blue stripes.
The sleeves are sheer puff sleeves.
The skirt is embroidered with the “Junie Moon” shop logo written by Blythe Creative Producer, Junko Wong. 
She has pink accent heart buttons, a big bow on the back and pink ricrac hem. 

Her fashion accessories include a large hair ribbon, blue heart-shaped earrings, high sicks with lace up ribbon print, and a pair of matching shoes. 
She wears pink and white striped bloomers underneath. 

Her face type is Radiance Renewal.
Her face color is Translucent Cream.
Her hairstyle is long, perm with fringe.  
Her hair color is blonde. 
She has brown eyeshadow with light brown eyelids.
She las pink cheeks.
Her lips are pink with a plump shape make up.
She has brown front eyes, mint green left eyes, pink with a heart print center front facing, light blue right gaze.
* She has four special colors in the same set,

The eye change charm is printed with Blythe and Junie Moon logos. 
The accessories include a miniature-sized shopping bag and paper accessories for the doll packaging, so you can assemble and play with them!

* Please note the design image may differ from the final image.

Release Date: March 2021
Price: 17,900 JPY