Junie Moon YouTube channel introduces Unboxing Blythe: CWC limited Neo Blythe “Longing For Love” ♡ Longing For Love!




This is an introduction video of CWC limited Neo Blythe "Longing for Love" currently on sale at each Junie Moon store ♪


The charm point is the beautiful long brown hair with a nuanced purple tinge ♡As for clothes, you can wear a unique design with elaborate details such as switching skirts, frills on the chest, beret with rosette, and hard leather jacket


Only Junie Moon can buy CWC limited dolls ☆

Check the online shop now ☆

Official online shop → http://shop.juniemoon.jp/




Blythe Official Site: http://www.blythedoll.com


Junie Moon Shop: http://www.juniemoon.jp

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