Junie Moon YouTube channel announces Styling #blythe with Dear Darling new item introduction ♡!

Dear Darling fashion for dolls has released a very cute single item that can be worn and worn ♪

The lace collar cardigan is packed with cute points such as a color lace collar, pockets with ribbons, and color stitching ♡ 

The base is off-white, so it's a cardigan that's easy to match with any outfit!


The frilled skirt with a very cute heart button on the center


There is also a small frill on the waist, so

It is recommended to put on the tops and dress them up!


The tulle socks that were popular last time also changed the race a little

It becomes even more cute and reappears ♡


Please enjoy various coordination ♪


Currently on sale at Junie Moon stores ♡

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