Enjoy summer with #JunieMoon “#SummerFair” Blythe from the Junie Moon YouTube channel! This is an announcement!


Summer Fair will be held at each Junie Moon store from Thursday, July 1st!

There are also products that are perfect for this time of year and distribution of his trading stickers limited to July, so don't miss it ♡


Summer Fair-1 <Neo Blythe 20th Anniversary Trading Sticker Novelty July Limited Pattern Distribution>

One random copy of Diadarling, Blythe miscellaneous goods, Jeffrey Fulvimari miscellaneous goods, and other purchased items will be distributed for each purchase of 3,300 yen (tax included) or more.

I'm looking forward to seeing which pattern comes out every month ♪

Please collect and collect ♪

Please check the shop blog for the 3 patterns distributed in July ♡


Summer Fair-2 <Stainless steel bottle, reuse bottle 10% OFF>

10% off bottles such as stainless steel bottles and reuse bottles that are perfect for this season ☆ In addition to Bryce miscellaneous stainless steel mini bottles and one-touch bottles, Jeffrey Fulbimari's reuse bottles are also eligible!

A must-have item to survive the hot summer ♪ Please get it at a bargain ♪


Summer Fair-3 <Collection guidebook 3 types set 10% OFF sale>

We will sell a complete set that you can buy a collection guidebook at a good price for a limited time at 10% OFF ♪

Let's thoroughly enjoy the history of his Blythe with 3 books, Chronicles of Love, Legacy Continues, and Collection Guidebook!


Summer Fair-4 <Nimi Straw Hat Present with Diadarling Summer Purchase>

Buy any of his diadarling yukata, beach bikini, hem scalloped dress and get a mini straw hat ♪ It's a cute mini straw hat that you can use as it is or decorate it ♪

Check here for detailed fair information ☆




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