Neo Blythe “Float Away Dream” Illustration

I had a dream that I was floating away into the clouds.
It was relaxing and calm.
The dream took me to a far away place with many sweet creatures all longing to be my friend.
There was peace and happiness there. 

Her fashion features motifs of air travel in a vibrant tri color palette (white, navy, mustard with red accents). 
She comes with a pin tuck blouse, jumper skirt with a air balloon pattern and a sailor color jacket.
She wears two pigtail set with cute bow accessories.  She also has a airmail design inspired pochette and four strap shoes in the theme of old French air travel.

Her face type is Radiance Evolution with Fair face color.
Her hair is blue-green.  She has long hair with a perm and bangs with a left side part.
Her make up is yellow brown eye shadow, pink lips and pink blush.
The eye color on the left is special blue-green.

* This is an illustration drawing. Final design may differ from this design image.

Release Date: April 2022
Price: 20.350 JPY