From the Junie Moon YouTube channel, we are announcing Blythe Doll Eye Change “Neo Blythe’s Charm ♡ Eye Change” Like Magic!


"Neo Blythe" is a doll that speaks with a different expression each time you look at it by pulling the string behind your head and changing the color and direction of your eyes.


With a large grapefruit-sized head and unique proportions of a delicate body,

It has been loved by everyone as a photogenic doll that dresses in various tastes of fashion ♡


Here are some tips for changing your eyes so that you can spend a long and enjoyable time with Neo Blythe!


Let's continue to play together with Blythe-friendly eye changes ♪

:::::::::: ୨୧ :::::::::: ୨୧ :::::::::: ୨୧ :::::::::::::::: :::: ୨୧ :::::::::: ୨୧ :::::::::: ୨୧ :::::::::::



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