We are pleased to announce “Blythe Graceful Outfit Pouch”

A new item is now available for Blythe fashionistas, “Blythe Graceful Outfit Pouch”, it goes along with the Graceful Doll Bag series!

This pouch can hold many Blythe clothing items, shoes, and accessories. It’s great to carry around with your Graceful Doll Bag. 

The surface of the pouch is designed with an illustration of Blythe's outfit.
The inside has a large pocket, a flat pocket, a gathered pocket, and a clear pocket.
We hope you will use this pouch as a set with Blythe's "Blythe Graceful Doll Bag" when traveling or going out with Blythe.
Of course, you can also neatly store cosmetics, daily necessities, and other small items.

Blythe Graceful Outfit Pouch
2 designs/ Black, Pink
Size: Main body: approx. H17 x W21 x D5.5 cm, handle approx. 20 cm
Material: Surface, handle, shoulder / synthetic leather, inside / 100% polyester, PVC
Large pocket, flat pocket, gathered pocket, clear pocket
Made in China
Weight: approx. 230g

Release date: April 28, 2022 (Thursday)
Retail price: 4,510 yen (price without tax: 4,100 yen)