We are pleased to announce the release of Blythe Mindful Message Cards (Pack of 7).

A new set of cards from Blythe is on sale!
The set of mindful message cards with simple and easy-to-understand keywords that serve as daily tips and related messages.
The Mindful Message Card Set contains simple, easy-to-understand keywords that offer daily tips and related messages.
The cards are filled with cute pictures of Blythe, so you can enjoy them as a collection or as a gift.
They will surely be appreciated as a gift!
Each set contains 7 cards, 2 of which are special hologrammed cards with sparkles.   
A total of 8 types of cards are available!

Blythe Mindful Message Cards (7 cards)
Total 8 kinds: pink, blue, yellow, teal, cyan, purple, orange, gray
Size: Card H9cm x W5.8cm, Mount 13cm x 8.8cm 
Packaged in an OPP bag
Made in Japan
Retail price: 550 yen (price without tax: 500 yen)
Release date: Saturday, July 23, 2022