“Basic T-shirt set” from Dear Darling Fashion for Dolls produced by Junie Moon is now available.

By popular demand, the simple t-shirt set is finally available!
The set comes in three pieces: a "monotone" set in white, black, and black-and-white stripes, and a "pastel" set in pale pink, blue, and vanilla.
T-shirts with simple designs are excellent items that will come in handy for a long season!
Please incorporate them into a variety of coordinates.

Dear Darling fashion for dolls
Basic T-shirt Set
22cm doll size

Total 2 types / monotone, pastel
Set includes: 3 T-shirts
Dolls and shoes are not included.

Price: 2,980 yen (price without tax: 2,709 yen)
Release date: August 27 (Sat.)