Neo Blythe “Urban Fairy Ellie” Illustration.

Do you know when you are touched by a fairy? 

It can happen anywhere. Even in the city, even in your home. 

You can smell the sweetness of honey and blossomed flowers everywhere. 

That's when you know, a fairy was near.


The “Urban Fairy Ellie” look is what everyone wants for this spring.

She wears a green dress with many ruffles and a designer coat decorated with fairies and flowers.

Fashion accessories include unique thick-framed sunglasses, flower motif-accented earrings, and a flower-adorned handbag.

Short socks and strap shoes for the feet go great with the outfit.


The face type is Radiance Evolution, and the face color is Fair.

Her pink hair, a charm point, is long and permed with bangs.

Eyeshadow is yellow-green, blush is pink, and lips are pink with a plump mask.

All eye colors are default colors.



*This product is intended for ages 15 and up.

*Illustrations are design drawings. Specifications may differ from the product.


Release date: Scheduled for May 2023

Suggested retail price: 22,600 yen (including tax)