Unboxing video of Neo Blythe “Fightin’ Milk Sarang e” from Junie Moon YouTube channel!


"Fightin' Milk Sarang e" has a girly one-piece style and

A set of 2 types of clothes with a refreshing sporty style ♡

The accent color purple is very cute with the red and white coordination♪


The first ribbon-shaped extension wig is also included.

You can easily enjoy hair arrangement!


Her charm point is her plump lipstick.

I'm a girl who loves Korean fashion♡


Accessories such as earrings and sun visors are also included.

Please enjoy the coordination♪


For more information on "Fightin' Milk Sarang", please visit the official website♪



Available at Junie Moon stores♪

Please use the store near you or the online shop ♡


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