There are six new “Blythe Acrylic Stage” figures!

These mini-sized acrylic plates measure about 10 cm and are very cute!
It is very easy to assemble just by snapping the doll image to the pedestal.


“Blythe Acrylic Stage”
There are 6 new Blythe Acrylics: Song of London Mary, Lovely Katherine's Corner, Fighting Milk Saranghae, Dear Forest Deer, Angellica Nurse of Compassion, Lady Camellia

Size: Plate size: Approximately H12 x W9.5 x D0.3cm
Finished size: Song of London Mary approximately H10 x W7cm,
Lovely Katherine's Corner approx. H10 x W6cm,
Fighting Milk Saranghae Approximately H10 x W6cm,
Dear Forest Deer approx. H9.5 x W6cm,
Angellica Nurse of Compassion approx. H10.5 x W6cm,
Lady Camellia approx. H10 x W6cm

Specifications: Assembly type Material: Acrylic, made in Japan with OPP


Price: 1,320 yen (1200 yen excluding tax)
Release date: December 9, 2023