The illustration for Neo Blythe “Zoe and Her Pet Fish” is here!★

Zoe is a gray cat that has a fish for a pet!
She carries her fish around wherever she goes.
Zoe also likes to play piano with all four of her paws.
But no matter what she does, she never puts her fish down for a second!
Zoe and her fish are inseparable!


"Zoe and Her Pet Fish" features Blythe, in a cute, fluffy cat costume.
The cap with ears and one-piece body are made of long-pile gray fur.
She is wearing a mini-dress with striped x musical note embroidery and multi-colored ribbons is perfect♪

She always carries her pet fish pochette with her when she goes out!

Her face type is Radiance Evolution, and her face color is a translucent cream.
Her hair color is light-yellow and her hairstyle is bob.
For makeup, the eyeshadow is green, the cheeks are pink, and the lips are plump pink.
The eye color is a special light-blue color set on one of the front sides.


*This product is for ages 15 and older.
*The illustration is a design drawing. Specifications may differ from the product.


Release date: Scheduled for February 2024 Manufacturer's suggested
Retail price: 21,650 yen (tax included)