New items for Blythe are now available! We are pleased to announce charms.

Cute charms that can be attached to bags, backpacks, and your favorite things are also now available.
They are made with cotton inside to make them soft and fluffy.
Jewels, balloons, and cakes are available.


Blythe Charm
Total 3 kinds: Jewel, Balloon, Cake
Size: Main body: Jewel approx. H10.5 x W7.5cm, Balloon approx. H10.5 x W7cm, Cake approx. H10.5 x W8.5cm, chain 24cm
Material: nylon, synthetic leather, polyester cotton
Made in China


Release date: January 27, 2024
Retail price: 1,848 yen (price without tax: 1,680 yen)