Announcing the final specifications of CWC limited Neo Blythe “Coquette Lumiere”★

“Right now, I'm walking in the garden wearing my favorite coquette style.
The beautiful flowers are in bloom, and the refreshing breeze feels so good.
The sun's rays are a bit strong, so I’m carrying my favorite lace parasol.


“Coquette Lumiere'' is a showcase for elegant, mature, and feminine fashion.
The dress is pink and white and made of soft tulle and lace.
This cute coquette ensemble is completed with a parasol and a dainty bonnet.

The flower print dress is layered with a white tulle lace skirt, and the neckline and sleeves are also decorated with lace and ribbons.
The bonnet is a gorgeously designed woven straw base decorated with lace, large ribbons and several types of artificial flowers.
The parasol is made of transparent, rose-patterned lace.
On her feet, Coquette Lumiere wears tulle socks and thick-soled one-strap shoes.


The face type is Radiance Evolution and the face color is Fair.
She has loosely permed, long pinkish-brown hair with bangs.
She wears adult feminine makeup with a hint of melancholy and eye chips in nuanced colors!
The eyeshadow and eyelids (molded color) are light brown, and the eyelashes are black with a special long outer corner.
The bright pink blush starts at the center of the cheeks to below the eyehole.
The lips are plump and have a clear cherry pink color on the inside and a light pink color on the outside to blur them.
Eye colors include light blue (front), light purple (right), light gray (front), and light brown (left), all special colors set.


[Face type] Radiance Evolution
[Face Color] Fair
[Makeup] Eyeshadow: Light brown, Lips: Clear cherry pink on the inside, plump mask with blurred pink on the outside, Cheeks: Pink
[Eye Color] Light blue (front), Light purple ( right), light gray (front), light brown (left) *All special colors
[Eyelids] Light brown (molding color)
[Eyelashes] Special color black
[Hair color] Pinkish brown
[Earrings] None
[Nail polish] Pink
[Set contents] Doll, dress, bonnet, petticoat, drawers, socks, shoes, parasol, stand


*This product is for ages 15 and older.
*Specifications may differ from the product.


Release date: Friday, March 29, 2024
Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 26,000 yen (tax included)