New cute pastel-colored tops and bottoms: “Fluffy blouse” and “Ruffle hem pants” by Junie Moon now on sale!♪

This cute blouse has a frilled collar and a small rabbit print with a distinctive fluffy silhouette ♡
These pants have cute, understated feminine features such as ruffles and ribbons at the hem, and they come in pink, beige, and blue so you can easily coordinate them with the rest of your wardrobe!


Dear Darling fashion for dolls
[Soft blouse]
white, purple, blue
22cm doll size
Price: 2,640 yen ( tax excluded price : 2,400 yen )


[Ruffle hem pants]
pink, beige, blue
22cm doll size
Price: 2,860 yen ( tax excluded price : 2,600 yen )


Release date: May 18th ( Sat )

* Doll body and accessories other than those listed above are not included.