New Designs for Blythe Doll Bag!

A must-have item for any Blythe fan on the go, these Blythe Doll Bags will hold any Blythe, even ones wearing a large volumed dress, comfortably and safely. Keep accessories and smaller items inside with
your Blythe!
The bag features Leading Lady Lucy and Allegra Champagne, using their respective patterns on a black background, creating chic look.
Leading Lady Lucy will have dots, Allegra Champagne has stripes!
They can also be used as everyday bags!

The surface uses a synthetic leather material, and the lining uses a polyester material, with a shoulder strap.

Blythe Doll Bag
Leading Lady Lucy, Allegra Champagne
Size: H16×W36×D105cm Handle 22cm Shoulder 120cm
Materials: Exterior, handle, shoulder strap - synthetic leather
Interior - 100% Polyester
Made in China

Available November 30th (Sat)
Price: 8,400 JPY + tax