Usaron the bunny and her friends Nekoron and Ahiron make their debut!

These cute new characters are created by Saki Yamashita who is an

internationally known


Blythe customizer.  Her dolls have been featured in the Blythe

Anniversary Charity Exhibitions and are coveted by Blythe collectors

around the world.


Their unique names are hybrid English and Japanese! The first part of

the name relates to the animal and they are all wearing

aprons, which is were the suffix "ron" comes in!


Usaron = Usagi (Rabbit) + ron

Nekoron = Neko (Cat) + ron

Ahiron = Ahiru (Duck) + ron


They all live in a cute and dreamy world together. For the first time, we will be selling official Usaron and friends goods!

There are so many cute pouches, bags, and pocket files, which will you choose? Share the sweet designs for Usaron and her friends with the special postcards too!

The Usaron Dreamy Bunny Small Pouch

Two designs:  Cosmetics, The Characters

Price: 900 JPY

Size:  140 mm wide x 100 mm tall;  horizontal

Lining:  100% cotton


The Usaron Dreamy Bunny Tote Bag

Two designs:  Cosmetics, The Characters

Price: 2499 JPY

Size:  310 mm wide x 190 mm tall x 100 mm deep;  horizontal

Lining:  100% cotton

280 mm handle


The Usaron Dreamy Bunny clear pocket file

Two designs:  Cosmetics, The Characters

Price: 157 JPY

Size: 221mm x 134 mm


The Usaron Dreamy Bunny postcards

Three designs:  Cosmetics, Usaron Pink, Ahiron,

Price: 315 JPY

Size: 147 mm x 100 mm


The Usaron goods will debut at Junie Moon in Daikanyama and Lele Junie Moon on the 4th floor of Shinjuku Marui One on October 5, 2012.  On October 7, these goods will go on sale at fine gift shops around Japan.


Please stay tuned for more goods featuring Usaron!