Neo Blythe “University of Love” Final Design!

"University of Love" is the school where everyone goes to learn about love. They learn compassion and grow into beautiful people.


I'm a student of the University of Love. I've learned to love all of the people from around the world and to take care of the earth and nature.

I've also learned love for peace and to share with others.

I'm ready to graduate and spread my message of love around the world!

She wears a cute one-piece dress with cream cotton bodice and high empire waist. The skirt portion of the dress is made from moss green satin and is topped with 2 layers of tulle. Her tailored blazer has a unique stripe of dark red, green, beige and orange stripes. The blazers is embellished with an embroidered gold crown on the pocket. She wears knee high socks with mismatched pink and blue argyle pattern, topped with a lovely pair of cream and brown wingtip shoes!

She has bright blonde hair with bangs. She has a curly perm which give her a glamourous look.  Her pink ribbon hair elastics makes her look even more adorable!
She has special green eye color which match her green eyeshadow and orange
cheeks and lips.

Face Type: Radiance
Skin Type: Fair (natural skin)
Make Up: Eyeshadow: Green, Lips: orangish pink, Cheeks: orangish pink
Eye Colors: Light green (center special color), Blue (right), Pink (center),
green (left)
Hair Color: Blonde
Manicure: Orange

Set Includes:
One-piece, blazer, 1 set of hair ties, socks, shoes, shorts, doll and stand.

Release Date:  November 16, 2012
Retail Price: 14,490 yen (tax included)

Junie Moon international online shopping site will take reorders for this doll from November 9th.
The doll will be available from November 16 at CWC official shop
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