Let’s Rock with cute punk fashion of Middie Blythe “Jackie Ramone”

"Punk is my middle name.
I love the freedom and fast beats of punk music.
But more than anything else, I love punk fashion!
Come on, let's dance!"

"Jackie Ramone" loves punk music and fashion.

She's wearing a mixture of hard punk looks, styled in a cute way.

The faux leather Union Jack skirt on her one piece is topped with a bold plaid on the bodice.

This is a graphic design with impact! Her punk look is complete with faux leather jacket and tall boots.

She also has a new style, red framed sunglasses.

She has a cute bob hair cut with straight bangs and a slight body wave perm.

This slight perm helps keep her hair in a cute, round style.

Her hair color is dark brown and red.
She wears light grey eyeshadow and pink lipstick and blush.
She has light brown eye, and fair skin.

* Final product may differ slightly from the design illustration.

Release Date: February 2013
Price: 10,290 JPY