Design Illustration for circus performer Middie Blythe Lena Elena

"My parents are circus performers.
My mother is the most elegant trapeze artist who ever lived.
My Papa is the master of the circus. I'm the lucky daughter of these two fun people!
I hope to be an elegant woman like my mother some day.
I'll be the best circus performer in the world!"

Lena Elena wears a fun stage costume that reflects the theme of the big top.
She has pumpkin shaped bloomers under her cute jumper.
Her color theme is red, black and white.
Her top is printed with cute graphics of clowns, dancing bears and elephants!
Her top hat has a cute big top printed around the brim.
She also wears long faux-lace up boots.

She has long, side parted hair in a loose perm.
Her hair is brown.
She wears natural and sweet make up in salmon pink lipstick and blush with green eyeshadow.
She has Cream skin.

* Please note design image may differ from the final product.

Release date: August 2013
Price: 10,290 JPY