The circus comes to town with Neo Blythe “ZINOCHIKA”

I love to talk with the animals.
I speak with tender love to them, because they devoted their lives to entertaining.
I wanted to work in the circus for a long time because I simply love animals!
They dance and play, balance on balls, and  perform. It's all very fun!
I take care of the animals with loving care to respect their hard work.
One day I would like to open up a circus of my own.
The animals can come play too!

"ZINOCHIKA"is a circus performer who is charge of all of the animals at the bustling circus.
Her one piece dress is like the big top tent with a fun print of all of the circus animals performing.
Her tall faux fur hat has a cute paper banner for the circus around it, making a jovial fashion statement.  
She comes with cute black wedge boots.

Her hair is a long and wavy with a side part. The color is warm, red.
She wears light green eyeshadow and salmon pink cheeks and lipstick. It makes her look healthy and elegant.
She is a fairest face with fair skin.
She has special lime green eye chips with a forward gaze.

* Please note design image may differ from the final product.

Release Date: September 2013
Price: 14,490 JPY