And the winner of the Grand Prize Entertainment award is&hellip 12th Anniversary CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Allie Gabrielle”!

To commemorate the 12th anniversary of Neo Blythe being reborn in Japan, 

CWC has designed CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe "Allie Gabrielle".
She has had a long and luxurious career.
People all over the world recognize her talent.

Her chic long dress is topped with a regal jacket with gold piping that shines under the stage lights.
Her big sunglasses and emerald green earrings will make a strong fashion statement!
Her accent colors are black, gold and emerald green.
Her green earring dangle with elegance. Her black sunglasses are emblazoned with a gold "B".
She wears little booties to go with her gown.
They give off a cool elegance with their dual tone sole.

The anniversary doll has been made with special make-up specifications.
She has special, fair matte skin in the new Radiance + mould.
Her eyelids and eyelashes are a special brown color.
She has brown eyeshadow, orange blush and rose pink lips.

This unique girl has all special eye chips.
The colors are: blue, emerald blue, pink and light purple.
The light pink color has lovely hologram paper behind to create a sparkling effect.
She has long, straight hair with bangs in a new pink tinted blonde color!

Her pull ring charm is a little gold star.
She has a special gold and black stand that fits around her thighs under her skirt to keep the slim line of her dress. 

[Face Type] Radiance+
[Skin Type] Fair (Natural Skin)
[Make Up] Eye Shadow: dark brown, Lip: rose pink, Cheek: orange
[Eye Color] Emerald green (front), dark blue (right), light purple (front), and light pink (left, with hologram backing)
Eyelid: brown (colored molding)
Eyelash: Special light brown color
[Hair Color] Pink tinted blonde hair
[Set Contents] Doll, gown, jacket, sunglasses, shoes, underpants, and stand.

Release Date: September 13, 2013
Price: 21,000 JPY
Limited to 2013 dolls made in all

Junie Moon international online shopping will hold a special lottery for this doll.
The lottery will be from August 23 to August 31. For details on how to enter the lottery, check back to the Junie Moon international online shopping news section.  We will have a total of 350 dolls available for international fans.