Middie Blythe “Furry Bella Bo” will melt your heart like honey

Bella Bo is a snuggly little bear girl.
She's so sweet.. just like honey!
Give her a smile and she will look at you with a happy face.
She says "Hug me tightly and I will fill you with love!"
And off she will go skipping away happily.

Just being by your side makes my heart warm.
"Furry Bella Bo" is uses her sweet kindness to heal the hearts of others.
She's both a teddy bear and real girl so there's something for everyone to love.
Her bear hat looks very sweet with her red hair.
Her boarder striped shirt has a frilly collar over her denim jumpsuit.
She has a sweet casual fashion.
She has cute furry pockets and red boots to skip along happily in.

She has long hair with straight bangs in a loose perm.
Makeup: Green eyeshadow and orange cheek and lip
Eye Color: Light Brown
Skin:Fair (Natural Skin)
* Please note design image may differ from the final product.

Release date: October 2013
Price: 10.290 JPY